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The “Harmanic” músicalinguistica framework is an open standard for transcoding biometric, economic, and ecological data as musical stems to be used in music, with a particular focus around live performance and the tooling necessary to easily share the source of the data that is currently augmenting the musical experience - i.e. an audible QR code that can open a link on your phone to information about the data which is being rendered as music.


The “Harmonic” musical language exists because we recognize that the entirety of life on this planet has wave nature from the movements of currency and markets, our energetic acts of service, and energetic modes of reception. The creation and deprecation of culture - around food, sleep, love, and music. Even the shape of continuous educational processes of training new young minds on the shape of this exponentially complex world. All waves.

Sometimes we use antiques like fiat currency to track these waves (unsuccessfully). At small scale we (successfully) use spoken language and unspoken language (like movement or dance) with our peers and with our communities to communicate the content of our landscape and our objectives.

We as humans live either harmoniously or cacophonously with the energetic ebs and flows of our human society, and of our own individual facilities. We recognize the intrinsic intuition we are blessed with when we simply have access to the data, like a flashlight in the dark providing you information about the tables and the chairs in the landscape of your house at night so that you do not crash and fall.